As a result of the 5p bag charge, Tesco now have grants up for grabs for local projects to improve green spaces. The fund is managed by Groundwork, which specialises in improvements to communities and the local environment.

Tesco award grants each year in around 400 Tesco regions to make sure the funding is spread evenly across England, Wales and Scotland. In total the Bags of Help programme supports thousands of projects each year, due to the major demand for grants, Groundwork assesses all of the applications received and then provides a shortlist of the applications received for a Tesco Shortlisting Group to agree three successful projects to forward to a vote in Tesco stores.

Projects might include: parks, pocket parks and urban green spaces, green corridors & rivers, cycle ways, formal and informal play areas, open access sports facilities within public parks and recreation grounds, informal outdoor recreation facilities, Nature reserves, community woodland, churchyards, seafront improvements, community allotments, community gardens, orchards and city farms, spaces in the grounds of hospices and day centres, allotments, school grounds, community spaces on housing estates or residential areas

I think that it is fantastic to see that the 5p bag charge is already helping our community. The last round of funding led to grants being awarded two applicants in our constituency, CESSAC House for their garden and Haven Nursery School and Children's Centre for an outside classroom! This funding is a great opportunity for many local community groups.

For more information on how to apply for funding and to see if you qualify please visit here.

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