14 NOV 2016

Tristan Shale-Hester, 18, Motoring Journalist Apprentice, Blackball Media

My full name is Tristan Shale-Hester. I'm 18-years-old. My job title is Junior Motoring Journalist Apprentice. I have been an apprentice for just over two weeks. This apprenticeship is a great experience for someone who wants to get a good start in the automotive journalism industry. You get to perform a wide variety of tasks, meaning you know you're going to be prepared for a multitude of different duties when you finish the apprenticeship and get a full job. As my two passions are writing and cars, my favourite tasks are the ones where I get to write stories! I've already written a few pieces for SuperUnleaded.com and will hopefully soon be moving on to AOL Cars and maybe even Car Dealer.

I would absolutely encourage anyone who has an opportunity to do an apprenticeship to take it. It gives you experience that will be extremely valuable in the real world. I hope that after my apprenticeship I can get a job in the automotive journalism industry. It is my ambition to work my way up through the ranks to become a successful senior motoring journalist. Blackball Media has given me the perfect platform to start on and I am extremely grateful to them for it.

14 NOV 2016

Robbie Murrell, 19, Motoring Journalist Apprentice at Blackball Media

My name is Robbie Murrell and I am 19 years-old, I am a junior motoring journalist apprentice at Baize Group/ Blackball Media and I have been with the company just under 2 months. At the company, I help with uploading articles to AOL and Motors, both sites we have good connections with, whilst also writing stories for our own site; SuperUnleaded.com. I am currently in the process of sorting through the websites of the candidates of this years Used Car Awards.

I really like my position here, and I enjoy being given the opportunity to dive right into the world of journalism with writing my own articles and going to events such as SMMT that I have attended. I chose the apprenticeship because I am very keen on the automotive industry, with a love for cars and writing and when this opportunity arose for me it was perfect. I would certainly encourage others to look into apprenticeships as they are extremely rewarding, allowing you to learn and get paid at the same time, with the added bonus of being leaps and bounds ahead of others that would want to get into the same area of work. I hope that this apprenticeship will take me far into the journalism industry as it is a career that I am extremely eager to pursue.

07 NOV 2016

Joshua Barry, 20, Mechanical Manufacture Engineer, Qinetiq

My name is Joshua Barry and I am 20 years old. Over the last four years I have completed an apprenticeship at QinetiQ in Mechanical Manufacture Engineering and have now been taken on full time.

As an apprentice I was given many opportunities to learn new skills on different machinery within the workshop, starting on the manual machines such as lathes and mills and then going on to using a CNC milling machine. Throughout my apprenticeship I was given different tasks to show I was competent in using the various types of machines. I was also given the opportunity to carry out various engineering qualifications while attending college one day a week.

I was 16 years old when I got the apprenticeship at QinetiQ after just leaving school. As a part of one of my chosen subjects at school I went out one day a week to Fareham College, where I completed a Performing Engineering Operations level 1 qualification. After completing this course I wanted to learn more about engineering, develop my skills and gain experience within the working environment. To achieve these the best way forward for me was to have an apprenticeship in engineering, where not only would I learn different engineering skills and gain more qualifications, but also get paid for what I wanted to do.

Within the workshop at QinetiQ we are quite a small team where all the team come together to get the job done. This is one of the best experiences I have been part of, where the team spirit is high and it is great feeling when the job has been successfully completed. I enjoy working for QinetiQ, where there is something different to do every day, where I could be on the machines manufacturing components one week and rigging within the facilities the next.

I would definitely encourage other people out there to do an apprenticeship within their skill set as they will gain so much from having one, from gaining work experience to completing new qualifications which will help in their future careers.

07 NOV 2016

Chloe, 19, Laboratory Technician, Wickham Laboratories

My name is Chloe, 19, and I have been an apprentice for just over a year now. I work at Wickham Laboratories as a laboratory technician in the Microbiology department undertaking a wide range of activities.

My responsibilities include the daily, weekly and monthly monitoring of different equipment, daily cleaning of the labs, various equipment calibrations and some routine testing. One of the main tests I carry out is that for bacterial endotoxin within a sample. Endotoxin is a component of some bacterial cell walls that, if introduced to the body, can cause a fever and potentially result in organ failure. The testing I do is essential to ensure the safety of certain medical devices.

I have worked in three different departments within the company during my apprenticeship and have enjoyed all of them, moving around gaining more knowledge and understanding as I progress. In each department there are different duties that have given me the opportunity to work alone as well as part of a team.

What I like most about the apprenticeship is the training opportunities I have received with the company continuously allowing me to learn new procedures and take on more responsibility as I gain confidence.

At college I am completing a level 3 NVQ Diploma in Laboratory Science, as well as the second year of my Level 3 BTEC in Applied Science. I only have to attend college four hours a week, this gives me plenty of hands on time at work

I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship, I originally had plans to go to university but I feel like this was a better option as I can earn whilst gaining knowledge and qualifications. Not only this, but for the duration you are gaining confidence and experience in the area of work that you intend to specialise in and that's what a lot of employers look for. I'm excited to see how far it can take me within the company throughout the rest of my career.

31 OCT 2016

Samantha Buckley, 26, Business Administration Apprentice

My name is Samantha Buckley and I am 26 years old. I have worked at Alver Vets for 7 years in various roles. I am now a receptionist for the Vet practice.

I meet and greet the customers, dispense medication, answer the phone, chase the debt to us, complete the insurance forms. I also give simple advice over the phone to pet owners and I have been on a course for Pet Health Counselling which also includes helping customers with grief when losing a pet.

The best part of my role is meeting the customers and cuddling the animals.

I chose an apprenticeship to help enhance my business admin skills within my receptionist role. It will benefit me and the company. It will also help to develop my skills for future progression.

I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone because you can earn as you learn! It is hands on and not just sitting in a class room stuck in a text book.

I think I am gaining a qualification that's adding more knowledge of business administration practices and procedures. I can help others I work with and it will give me the skills I need to progress in my career.

31 OCT 2016

Thomas Brading, 22, Defence Munitions Gosport Apprentice

Thomas Brading


Defence Munitions Gosport Apprentice

Before gaining an apprenticeship with Defence Munitions Gosport, I studied at St Vincent College with a view to doing engineering at university. However after some thought and listening to the opinions of others and the current demand for both the government and that of the industry I realised that an apprenticeship would best facilitate my goals and ambitions.

While studying at college we will gain more than just academic ability, but also the hand skills and experience to be a transferrable asset, to not only better ourselves, but to support the armed forces and later on, the industry as a whole.

Now in Phase 2 of the apprenticeship we have started our sections, while still attending college one day a week and gaining a welding qualification through a night course at CEMAST College. Myself and Joseph Salmon (previously mentioned in this blog) have been working together with local volunteers at the Explosion! Museum and Steam Pinnace 199 crew, helping to restore and preserve the history within Gosport and the surrounding area. Further four month long placements include in-house sections that will vary in difficulty and broaden our knowledge and understanding of not only naval weaponry, but engineering as a whole.

What I enjoy most about this apprenticeship is the amount of opportunities that are available such as the Tom Nevard Memorial and the Henry Royce competitions, as well as inter-phase competitions, that test individual and team based skills. Alongside these competitions we also gain MOD Deeds that certify our skills and industry standards.

Why an apprenticeship? As I mentioned before I had considered going to university, but when comparing the two, especially concerning engineering, an apprenticeship better prepares you for work within the industry, as you gain hands-on experience alongside all the academic benefits, with the opportunity to gain a HNC level qualification. All of this being paid for and earning a decent wage at the same time is just unsurpassable by the university equivalent

I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone, as it fully prepares you for a career in engineering and is for the majority of the time more sought after. There is also a lot more certainty of the outcome, as you are pretty much guaranteed a job at the end of your time with the company. I thoroughly feel the aiming for and achieving an apprenticeship is the best decision I made.

24 OCT 2016

Hannah Franks Bentley, 40, Level 5 Apprentice

Learner: Hannah Franks Bentley - age 40

Job Title: Manager of Redclyffe House Learning Disabilities Home

Brief Summary of what I do & highlights:

I have been doing my apprenticeship since October 2015. I started my Level 5 whilst I was employed at Contemplation Homes Northcott House - I was employed as the Deputy Manager from September 2013 until 2016. My role was to oversee the residential aspect of the home - whilst I was there I brought in and set up a Team Leader role. Their duties included carrying out the medication rounds, supporting the junior staff, write and update care plans, carry out supervisions and work in partnership with other visiting professionals. I also set up the training room, supported new staff with the common induction standard, which then changed over to the care certificate. During my time at Northcott there have been 2 inspections' by CQC, the last inspection I was the only Manager present at Northcott, which was rated Good in all areas, this is one of my proudest moments. In August I started a new job role with Numada healthcare as the Manager of Redclyffe House, I enjoy my new job and all the challenges that it brings.

Why did I choose to do an Apprenticeship:

I choose to undertake an apprenticeship level 5, to support me with my job role at Northcott House and to be able move my career forward, the apprenticeship has helped me do this. It will also help my with my CQC registration.

Would I encourage others to do an Apprenticeship:

I would have no hesitation in recommending the apprenticeship, to anyone wanting to move forward with their career.

24 OCT 2016

Matthew Close, 19, Warehouse Operative

My name is Mathew Close and I am 19 years old. I am a warehouse operative in Gosport and completing a warehousing NVQ.

I have been working in this role for nearly a year. In my role I pick orders, label stock, conduct general cleaning in the warehouse, palletise boxes.

I enjoy palletising boxes best as this is more challenging and has to be done right, it must be perfect and not stacked too high so they are safe.

I chose the apprenticeship as it is a new way to learn new skills and I really enjoy it.

I would encourage anyone to do an NVQ. It is a new way of learning at work and it is fun. It can sound boring on the job title but it is more interesting and the job more exciting and fun. A fun way to learn.

I think that I will gain skills that will help me in my career and I would like to be a supervisor one day. This apprenticeship is giving me the skills to use a fork lift, palletise and other Warehousing jobs ready to be a supervisor.

17 OCT 2016

Nicola Holley, 27, The Royal Nursing Home Gosport

Over the years of working in the Health and Social Care sector I have completed three levels of apprenticeship. I began working as a Care Assistant and completed my level 2 in Health and Social Care, with this level I gained great knowledge and understanding in caring for people in the most effective ways possible. My career path developed and I gain experience supporting different groups of vulnerable people. I went on to complete my level 3 in Health and Social Care and with this came career progression working as a Team Leader supporting Adults with Learning Disabilities. I have always thoroughly enjoyed supporting vulnerable people to work towards their goals and life ambitions and promoting a good quality of life. I also enjoyed my role supporting the team to provide an excellent level of care to all those we support.

The support I received from my Assessors at Fareport while completing my apprenticeships and the knowledge and skills gained from these qualifications, made me thrive to continue my development. I went on to complete my level 5 in Health and Social Care. My career developed further and I work as a Deputy Manger of a Residential home supporting Adults with learning Disabilities. The apprenticeship schemes have provided me with the resources to make my achievements in my career and set goals for a future career, working as an assessor myself to support others to gain their own qualifications and set their career paths in the Health and Social Care sector. Thanks to Fareport Training I have achieved this goal and look forward to starting my new position with them as an Assessor.

17 OCT 2016

Briar Leary, 18, Tax Assist

My name is Briar and I am eighteen years old. I attend an AAT college course one day a week and spend the other four days working as a trainee accountant in a small practise.

Personally, I like that I have found my role is incredibly varied. I take care of a lot of the administrative tasks such as answering the phones, but I also do bookkeeping and other tasks more related to accountancy. Many jobs tend to be repetitive, but with my apprenticeship I have found this has not been the case.

I chose to do an apprenticeship as the idea of getting on the job training as well as attending a college course once a week, all the while earning a wage, appealed to me. I felt I would benefit more from gaining experience in the workplace rather than being just in a classroom.

I would recommend an apprenticeships if you are looking to gain workplace experience. When applying for jobs, you tend to need to have experience of the role, but then you need the job to be able to gain experience in the first place. An apprenticeship is a great way of gaining this experience and training.

This year I am going to be progressing to do my Level 3 AAT and then hopefully I will then be able to move on to the Level 4, after which I will be AAT qualified. This will open up to me many different opportunities.

10 OCT 2016

Alex, 19, Administration Apprentice at Maritime Services International

I am an administrator at Maritime Services International and have been working there as an apprentice for 1 year now completing an advanced level 3 Apprenticeship in Business Administration. My role at this company has developed into me administrating the development of the Diploma modules we publish through our branch company, Maritime Training Academy. These are published monthly for our online students looking to enhance their qualifications through us. I enjoy the responsibility I have in managing my own work load, making sure deadlines I have are met and communication internally and externally is maintained.

I chose to do an apprenticeship towards the end of my second year of college because I decided I was not going onto university. I wanted to be in a full time job, rather than going onto further education and getting an apprenticeship was a great option for me that St Vincent College had suggested and helped me out with. I strongly encourage others to do an apprenticeship because of the experience and life skills you gain. Being able to work in a full time job and then applying the knowledge I gain into completing my NVQ has given me multiple qualifications, as well as having the income and work experience from a full time job. I am currently nearing the end of my apprenticeship and I'd like to see myself staying as a full time employee with this company to develop the skills I have learned in my time and grow my role in the company further.

10 OCT 2016

Lauren, 22, Apprentice Administration Assistant, St Vincent College

Job Title: Apprentice Administration Assistant (19+ Vocational Programmes and Apprenticeship teams), undertaken Level 2 and Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeships over 2 years 7 months.

I decided to do an Apprenticeship because I wanted a career change and to gain more qualifications – I had already experienced employment so going back to college full-time wasn't something I wanted to do.

My role is to provide efficient and effective day-to-day administrative support for the 19+ Vocational Programmes in the Adult & Higher Education area and for the Apprenticeship team. The role is varied and can often bring new challenges but this all adds to my experience. I enjoy the responsibility my role brings, especially in monitoring progress of Learners and other Apprentices to try to support timely achievements.

Doing an Apprenticeship has meant that I get to work as part of a team in a real working environment, gaining hands-on experience in a different sector to which I previously qualified in. Being part of a team who are willing to support and guide me has been a big highlight.

I am currently awaiting my overall Apprenticeship completion certificate for Level 3 and hope that completing both my Level 2 and Level 3 will allow me to gain full time employment in this sector. I would definitely encourage others to consider Apprenticeships when deciding which career path they would like to go down as I feel it has really helped me decide what I would like to do.

03 OCT 2016

Paige Hillier, 19, Childcare Apprentice L3

Name & age: Paige Hillier, 19

Job title & how long you have been an apprentice for: Childcare Apprentice L3, 3 months

Brief summary of what you do: working in 2-5 year old room; playing with the children; setting up the nursery environment for children; supporting with meal/snack times.

Highlights: I love working and playing with the children and seeing how their imagination grows. I enjoy learning from more senior staff members and learning about the EYFS.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?: I chose to do an apprenticeship because I wanted to gain a good qualification whilst also gaining practical experience in a work based setting (there's a lot you can't learn from book or sometimes you can't quite understand, seeing how everything is implemented in a real life situation is so useful).

Would you encourage others to do an apprenticeship?: I would 100% recommend this to everyone and anyone (in fact I often do).

Where do you hope the apprenticeship will take you/ where do you see your career going?: I would hope to be able to continue gaining qualifications and experience so that I can one day become room leader

03 OCT 2016

Chloe Waite, 20, Nursery Apprentice

Name & age: Chloe White, 20

Job title & how long you have been an apprentice for: Nursery Apprentice, 2 months

Brief summary of what you do: shadowing room leaders and more senior staff members; singing with the children; outdoor play; reading stories; supporting with lunch and snack time.

Highlights: Safeguarding – making sure that only authorised people are allowed in and helping to ensure procedures are followed; engaging with the children and helping them to learn and develop.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?: I love being around children and watching them grow! So I have always wanted to work in childcare because I think it's such a fun and educational job to be a part of.

Would you encourage others to do an apprenticeship?: I would certainly recommend doing an apprenticeship because you get to do what you love whilst also learning and progressing into a level of qualification whilst also getting paid for it! So a win-win in my eyes.

Where do you hope the apprenticeship will take you/ where do you see your career going?: I hope to get my level 3 in childcare and development as it means I can then work in any nursery setting, which means I can get more experience and grow into an experienced nursery practitioner. I also hope to gain more levels of education so I can maybe in the future become a manager of my very own nursery!

03 OCT 2016

Allana Meredith, 17, Apprentice Nursery Nurse

Name & age: Allana Meredith, 17

Job title & how long you have been an apprentice for: Apprentice Nursery Nurse, 4 months

Brief summary of what you do: working with nursery nurses and room leaders; helping with snack time; maintaining Health and Safety in and out of the building; helping with play and with crafts.

Highlights: I love working with the children and building relationships with them to see them grow and develop. I really enjoy learning about different stages of development for children and how I can help build their confidence to achieve milestones.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?: I chose an apprenticeship because like college you earn a qualification but you also gain experience and a reference at the end of it whilst earning a little bit of money.

Would you encourage others to do an apprenticeship?: Yes I would recommend to do an apprenticeship as it is a great way to begin your career in what you want to do.

Where do you hope the apprenticeship will take you/ where do you see your career going?: I hope to continue working in childcare specifically working in a nursery to do my level 3 and beyond.

26 SEP 2016

Harry Haggard, Engineering Higher Apprentice, BAE Systems

My name is Harry Haggard, I'm 19 and I live in Rowner. I started work at BAE Systems as an Engineering Higher Apprentice in September 2015. I'm just coming to the end of my first year, during which I've been studying at college for an HNC. I'm looking forward to going into my second year, because I will be doing six four-month placements around the company as well as day-release at college. The apprenticeship I'm on is four years long, and I'm currently working at Portsmouth Naval Base as part of the team that is upgrading one of the Royal Navy's minehunters. I love it, and I think I've been really lucky with this placement.

I really didn't fancy getting into debt for a degree and I had wanted to go into engineering for a long time so when I came to the end of my college courses I looked for ways to get into it without having to go to university. I would recommend an apprenticeship to anybody who knows what they want to do career-wise. I think university can be a way of finding out what you want to do if you don't already know – with an apprenticeship you need to know beforehand I'd say.

In the future I want to progress through my career with BAE Systems, just hopefully rising up in the same company. I'd like to still get a degree while I work here and also some practical experience because I think that would be really helpful later down the line.

26 SEP 2016

Josh Lynas, Engineering Technician Apprentice, BAE Systems

My name is Joshua Lynas, I'm 20, from Leesland, and I'm an engineering technician apprentice at BAE Systems in Portsmouth. I joined the company in 2014, and I'm about to go into my third year of the four-year apprenticeship scheme. During my apprenticeship I go around different parts of the business to get experience of different types of work that I could eventually specialise in. Those vary, so for example I have done a six-month placement and I have six four-month placements to do before choosing my final year-long placement which will eventually be what I go on to do for a job. BAE Systems also provides ETAs with the opportunity of a HND qualification as part of the apprenticeship.

One of my placements was in designing and maintaining heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for warships, which I really enjoyed. My next placement will be in radar design over in Cowes on the Isle of Wight, which I'm looking forward to. I like design, actually being part of the design process and having a say in things that could be used on a ship in service.

I've always been interested in working for the defence sector, so the apprenticeship at BAE Systems fitted in with that plan. I would definitely recommend it to other people. In the future I would definitely like to be involved in design, hopefully for this company.

26 SEP 2016

Craig Moxham, Engineering Technician Apprentice, BAE Systems

I'm Craig Moxham, I'm 21 and I am an engineering technician apprentice. I joined BAE Systems in September 2014 and part of the apprenticeship that I am on requires me to attend college to achieve higher qualifications. This involves spending the first year at college to gain an HNC and then two further years of day release to achieve an HND.

The parts of the job that I have enjoyed most is the interaction with the colleagues around me who take the time to explain what we are doing and why as well as getting involved at a practical level to diagnose and solve issues with the kit.

Doing an apprenticeship has allowed me to forge a career in an area close to where I have grown up and as I had decided after college that the traditional route through university was not for me, I saw that an apprenticeship would offer me a chance to gain nationally recognised, higher qualifications. I was able to start saving and remain debt free as I gained new skills and it offers an opportunity to experience different parts of the business so I can find areas that I like best and am good at.

Not only is it a chance to get paid whilst learning, but it is also a great way to network within the company and develop other workplace skills such as professionalism, communication, public speaking and many others that cannot be taught outside of the workplace.

I hope to further my academic qualifications by taking the HND I am currently working towards and topping up to a Bachelor's and then a Master's degree. My personal career goal is to eventually become a chartered engineer.

19 SEP 2016

Toby Hayden, ECDIS Ltd. Receptionist

I found ECDIS offering a full time Admin/Reception apprenticeship with a Level 2 Business Administration qualification, which with my knowledge of computers seemed quite appealing. Soon after applying I was offered an interview and luckily got the place. The first few weeks I spent learning about the maritime world and what ECDIS stood for, I learnt how the company works, who the people are who are coming through the doors. There was a lot to take in but I gradually got to grips with everything. A year later, my apprenticeship was about to be completed and I was offered to continue working here as a part time receptionist.

19 SEP 2016

Joseph Alexander Salmon, 17, Defence Munitions Gosport Apprentice

I have been an apprentice for a year and have thoroughly enjoyed my time within the establishment. Within this year I have studied full time at CEMAST college gaining an array of qualifications. As well as this I have been given many opportunities to take part in various different competitions, which tests a variety of the skills I have gained within the machine workshop, and furthers my engineering knowledge. Not only this, but I have developed my ability to work within a team, built on communication skills, and have achieved goals while working under pressure, also maintaining a high quality of finished products while consistently ensuring functionality.

During my Apprenticeship there have been many various achievements and opportunities that have stood out for me, such as the competition side of things, where I have had the opportunities to work within a team to complete a project within time constraints. Completing and making models that have been displayed in the MOD headquarters.

I chose to do an apprenticeship because I wanted to gain qualifications alongside receiving experience within the workplace. This is beneficial when looking for career paths as the qualifications and experience I will gain are highly valued by employers within the industry. There are

I would strongly advise others to apply for an apprenticeship as working while you learn is, in my opinion, the most rewarding and beneficial way of gaining knowledge while also pursuing a career. I also believe that it is a good way to start a career as in most cases there is a guarantee of a job at the end.also progression opportunities where I can better my skillset by taking on the HNC, and other in-house certifications such as Overhead Crane Operations, etc.

I hope to further my knowledge, achieving the best possible outcome, to ultimately better myself and others within the working environment, with the view to progressing within the establishment eventually acquiring a position with managerial prospects.

19 SEP 2016

Catherine Waite, 20, Defence Munitions Gosport Apprentice

I have completed my first year of the apprenticeship studying a BTEC Level 3 Engineering course at CEMAST College. I will soon be moving on to the second year of the apprenticeship where I will be working in the many different sections within the depot completing various engineering related tasks. At Defence Munitions Gosport we focus on the maintenance of weapons and are taught throughout our apprenticeship the different procedures and provided with the knowledge needed to become a weapons fitter.

As a part of our apprenticeship we are given many different opportunities, this includes; competing in competitions, carrying out further engineering qualifications and gaining a knowledge of weaponry. I have enjoyed competing in the Phase Wars competition held by DM Gosport, this allowed us, as teams, to plan and manufacture a display piece. I have also recently had the opportunity to compete in the Tom Nevard Memorial Competition in which I was able to further my hand skill and use them in a practical situation.

I made the decision to carry out an apprenticeship as I believed it was the best opportunity to gain both qualifications and experience within the workplace. This apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to study at college and gain experience within the different sections at the depot. I would encourage others to undertake an apprenticeship as this will supply them with the knowledge, skills, and experience to further their careers in the area they wish to work in. I hope that this apprenticeship will give me the skills and experience I require in order to further my career. In the future I would like to have progressed into a job role where I can use my hand skills and knowledge that I have learnt.

12 SEP 2016

Jessica Ernerth, Marketing Apprentice at Fareham College

I moved to Gosport with my family from Germany in 2005. I joined Elson Junior School and then progressed to Brune Park Secondary School. I chose to go to Fareham College to study Graphic Design as I have a real interest in that area of work. The course was fantastic and gave me a great opportunity to develop my practical skills. I was really pleased to achieve double distinction star distinction at the end of my course this summer.

I chose to do an apprenticeship after my course rather than go to University because I didn't feel like it was something of interest to me. I really felt that an apprenticeship was the best choice because I am able to work within a professional work place and learn essential practical skills as well as get work experience that most employers look out for. I have recently joined the College as a Marketing Apprentice, where I have the chance to learn about all areas of marketing over the next year. I feel like an apprenticeship is the best step forward because you are then that one step ahead of going in to the profession of choice.

After my apprenticeship I hope to pursue my passion for Marketing and Design in a professional career.

12 SEP 2016

Sam Stones, Airbus Defence and Space

Name - Sam Stones
Age - 19 Years Old

What do I do?

I am currently in the second year of my three year apprenticeship with Airbus Defence and Space. I have been given a placement working within AIT (Assembly, Integration and Testing) for the next 3.5 months before studying in college for 1-2 months. AIT specialises in fitting equipment to different satellites which we build on site before running a multitude of tests to check its space worthy.

My Highlights

Within my time in Airbus I have had some great highlights; one of these is when we went on Outward Bounds where we spent a week in Wales participating in amazing activities from mountain trekking to raft building which not going to lie, was extremely fun! But it wasn't only enjoyable; it also taught me a lot about team camaraderie which is a vital personal/team skill.

Another highlight would be finishing our first engineering project at college which was a large circuit of multiple types of equipment all wired together, this taught me hands on skills which I wouldn't be able to obtain academically.

Why an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship isn't like any other form of education; it's not like university or higher education where after years of studying you still have to find a job to work your way in as under the apprenticeship scheme you are hands on gaining skills that cannot be read in books or online, and through this you are more likely to end up with a job by the end. And on top of all this you are getting paid to gain these skills and have these experiences. This is why I would encourage following an apprenticeship more than any other form of education.

Where next?

I hope after this scheme that I may be able to gain a job in my current department within Airbus as the skills I have learnt from this has also brought a large amount of enjoyment for where I work and a strong sense of pride which comes with it.

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