14 NOV 2016

Robbie Murrell, 19, Motoring Journalist Apprentice at Blackball Media

My name is Robbie Murrell and I am 19 years-old, I am a junior motoring journalist apprentice at Baize Group/ Blackball Media and I have been with the company just under 2 months. At the company, I help with uploading articles to AOL and Motors, both sites we have good connections with, whilst also writing stories for our own site; SuperUnleaded.com. I am currently in the process of sorting through the websites of the candidates of this years Used Car Awards.

I really like my position here, and I enjoy being given the opportunity to dive right into the world of journalism with writing my own articles and going to events such as SMMT that I have attended. I chose the apprenticeship because I am very keen on the automotive industry, with a love for cars and writing and when this opportunity arose for me it was perfect. I would certainly encourage others to look into apprenticeships as they are extremely rewarding, allowing you to learn and get paid at the same time, with the added bonus of being leaps and bounds ahead of others that would want to get into the same area of work. I hope that this apprenticeship will take me far into the journalism industry as it is a career that I am extremely eager to pursue.

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