31 OCT 2016

Samantha Buckley, 26, Business Administration Apprentice

My name is Samantha Buckley and I am 26 years old. I have worked at Alver Vets for 7 years in various roles. I am now a receptionist for the Vet practice.

I meet and greet the customers, dispense medication, answer the phone, chase the debt to us, complete the insurance forms. I also give simple advice over the phone to pet owners and I have been on a course for Pet Health Counselling which also includes helping customers with grief when losing a pet.

The best part of my role is meeting the customers and cuddling the animals.

I chose an apprenticeship to help enhance my business admin skills within my receptionist role. It will benefit me and the company. It will also help to develop my skills for future progression.

I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone because you can earn as you learn! It is hands on and not just sitting in a class room stuck in a text book.

I think I am gaining a qualification that's adding more knowledge of business administration practices and procedures. I can help others I work with and it will give me the skills I need to progress in my career.

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