14 NOV 2016

Tristan Shale-Hester, 18, Motoring Journalist Apprentice, Blackball Media

My full name is Tristan Shale-Hester. I'm 18-years-old. My job title is Junior Motoring Journalist Apprentice. I have been an apprentice for just over two weeks. This apprenticeship is a great experience for someone who wants to get a good start in the automotive journalism industry. You get to perform a wide variety of tasks, meaning you know you're going to be prepared for a multitude of different duties when you finish the apprenticeship and get a full job. As my two passions are writing and cars, my favourite tasks are the ones where I get to write stories! I've already written a few pieces for SuperUnleaded.com and will hopefully soon be moving on to AOL Cars and maybe even Car Dealer.

I would absolutely encourage anyone who has an opportunity to do an apprenticeship to take it. It gives you experience that will be extremely valuable in the real world. I hope that after my apprenticeship I can get a job in the automotive journalism industry. It is my ambition to work my way up through the ranks to become a successful senior motoring journalist. Blackball Media has given me the perfect platform to start on and I am extremely grateful to them for it.

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