27 MAR 2015


Five years ago HMS Daedalus was a disused & decaying military airfield. Now, after much hard work, sweat & tears our Daedalus Enterprise Zone is really beginning to see all that effort come to fruition. The newly resurfaced runway has been reopened, the Marine Coastguard Authority's new national training facility is complete and the keys for the Business Innovation Centre have been handed over with 3 companies ready to move in and many more expressing interest.

For more information about the site, the Homes & Communities Agency have produced a handy document.

27 MAR 2015


Local MP Caroline Dinenage has celebrated the news that two local community organisations are set to receive brand new minibuses thanks to government funding.

Last November, the Department for Transport established a £25 million fund to purchase new minibuses and today it was revealed that Lee-on-the-Solent's ICANGO and Gosport Voluntary Action were successful in their bids.

Caroline commented:

"Both of these community organisations provide vital support to our local community and I am delighted to learn that their hard work has been recognised by the Government. These new buses will help to ensure that both ICANGO and GVA are able to go on providing the lifeline that they offer to so many people in our area.

I am very much looking forward to seeing the new buses on the road!"

Caroline has been a keen supporter of local community organisations since her election in 2010 and helped to re-launch the ICANGO buses which received new livery last month.

26 MAR 2015


Local MP Caroline Dinenage has welcomed figures which show that 1,240 people started an apprenticeship between August 2014 and January 2015 in the Gosport constituency.

Forty nine per cent of these apprenticeship starts were in the engineering and manufacturing technologies sector, demonstrating the strength of this industry in the Gosport area. The Daedalus Enterprise Zone is a hub of advanced manufacturing and engineering, with the new CEMAST skills centre accommodating apprenticeships operated by companies such as Britten-Norman, BAE and Vector Aerospace.

In total, there have been 9,490 apprenticeship starts in the Gosport constituency since 2010, the second highest of all constituencies in the South East.

Caroline commented:

"These figures reaffirm our area's excellent track record of providing solid training opportunities for young people and I am particularly pleased that such a large proportion of these apprenticeships are rooted in the engineering and manufacturing sector.

Apprenticeships are a great alternative to students who don't necessarily want to take the traditional route of further education and can set participants on a lifelong career path within a given company, developing invaluable skills on their way."

Across England, over 2.2 million apprenticeships have been started since 2010.

24 MAR 2015


Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage this evening presented to Parliament a petition calling for English votes for English issues to be introduced in the House of Commons as soon as possible. Petitions have been raised in dozens of constituencies across England. There was a co-ordinated presentation of the petitions to the Speaker in the House of Commons Chamber, with MPs from across England taking part.

Caroline said: "I am delighted to be presenting this petition for English votes for English issues on behalf of my constituents. Hundreds of people signed up online and the people of Gosport expect a fair settlement for England. We want to be able to decide our own priorities on issues such as health, education and local government, just as the people of Scotland are currently able to do. It is a basic unfairness that Scottish MPs can currently vote on English-only issues. English votes for English issues is a simple, but important change that will remove this injustice.

With the threat of an SNP-Labour Coalition just a few weeks away, we cannot risk the possibility that Alex Salmond will decide how English hospitals and English schools are run. English votes for English issues is the best way of ensuring Scottish Nationalists do not determine English-only issues."

Graham Stuart MP, Chairman of the Fair Votes for All campaign, said: "Caroline is a fantastic local campaigner, and has done a great job representing the views of her constituents. People across England feel strongly that their voice in Parliament on English-only issues should not be diluted by Scottish MPs. I congratulate Caroline for raising her petition which calls for an end to this fundamental unfairness."

24 MAR 2015


Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage has today welcomed a statement from the Secretary of State for Defence expressing the Government's commitment the Falkland Islands.

In a statement made to the House of Commons this afternoon, Michael Fallon set out the outcomes of the recently completed review of the forces that the UK holds on the Falkland Islands. He explained that the current military presence is proportionate to the threats faced at present but a number of measures have been designed to protect resilience in the short, medium and long term.

Over the next ten years, £180 million will be invested in improving and modernising infrastructure on the Islands whilst military support helicopters will be returned to provide tactical mobility.

Speaking in the Chamber, Caroline highlighted Gosport's link to the Falkland Islands:

"Gosport is the proud home of the Falklands Veterans Foundation, does the Secretary of State agree with me that it is right to reassure these proud brave men, some of whom still bear the scars of this conflict, that we will always fight to defend their legacy, the sovereignty of those Islands?"

In response, the Secretary of State said:

"My Honourable Friend is right to remind us that the sacrifice of those who died to fight for the freedom of the Falkland Islanders and their right to determine their own future should never be forgotten by the British people or indeed by this House."

Speaking outside the Chamber, Caroline added:

"The Falkland Islanders have expressed their overwhelming to remain part of the United Kingdom and we therefore have a responsibility to protect their interests. I welcome the new measures that are being put in place so we can uphold our longstanding commitment to the Falkland Islands and their people."

Caroline visited the Falkland Islands in 2011 and was struck by the huge gratitude our service men and women received from the Islanders.

You can watch Caroline's question to the Secretary of State in full here: http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/af817e14-70c2-47c9-983b-70a83f47cb51 (from 13:33:15).

23 MAR 2015


Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage has backed a manifesto, launched in Parliament this week, on delivering proper justice for victims of criminal driving and their families. This follows debates, events, and even Prime Minister's Questions in which Caroline has pushed the Government to bring in tougher sentences for dangerous drivers. The manifesto was written by Greg Mulholland MP and based on evidence from the families, working closely with Brake. It sets out a number of changes being called for; from tougher punishments for dangerous drivers, better support for victims, improved investigations of collisions, and many other measures.

Leader of the House and former Foreign Secretary William Hague yesterday became the first minister to give his support, calling it "a welcome campaign and manifesto".

Commenting, Caroline said:

"I am pleased to give my backing to the manifesto - we have seen in Gosport where tragically young people have been killed and families do not feel they have received justice. I hope ministers will properly look at this manifesto, listen to families, campaigners and make the meaningful and long-lasting changes that have been called for."

Ed Morrow, campaigns officer for Brake, the road safety charity, added:

"We are proud to support the launch of this manifesto, which echoes many of the calls of Brake's crackdown campaign. We are delighted to have Caroline on board, whose support will be key to achieving the reforms we are calling for."

23 MAR 2015


Caroline Dinenage has published the results of a survey of Gosport, Stubbington, Lee-on-the-Solent and Hill Head residents which reveal that just 11% of respondents think Ed Miliband would make a better Prime Minister than David Cameron.

Caroline's survey went live at the beginning of the month, quizzing respondents on local and national issues; it has received in excess of 300 responses so far. Of local issues, people were most concerned about crime and anti-social behaviour with 44% putting it at the top of their list. Meanwhile, nationally the greatest cause for concern was the NHS which polled 54%. Road improvements were also at the forefront of respondents' minds and 54% said that a new peninsular access road would make a difference to their day-to-day life.

David Cameron proved popular among residents, with 54% stating that he would be a better Prime Minister than Ed Miliband who mustered support from just 11% of respondents. 35% indicated that they were unsure who would make the best Prime Minister.

Caroline commented:

"Hearing about the issues that matter most to local people has been absolutely crucial to my role as this area's Member of Parliament. I am so pleased with the huge volume of responses we have received which offer a great insight into residents' views.

With a huge number of people expressing concern about road improvements and indicating that a Stubbington Bypass would improve their day-to-day life, our campaign for better road connectivity has been reinforced and I will go on fighting for the upgrades we so desperately need.

Unsurprisingly David Cameron was revealed to be considerably more popular than his Labour counterpart, mirroring the national trend of feelings towards Ed Miliband."

If you have yet to complete Caroline's survey, you can find it here: http://bit.ly/1wVliwZ.

19 MAR 2015


Local MP Caroline Dinenage will lead a spring clean of Gosport High Street to mark Community Clear Up Day this Saturday, 21st March.

The event has been arranged by Caroline and Gosport Borough Council and will be kicked off at the Falkland Gardens at 10:30am. With litter estimated to cost the taxpayer over £1 billion per year nationally, Caroline is urging local people to support this bid to get our local area tidy.

Speaking ahead of the event, she said:

"Litter is an unsightly addition to our streets, green spaces and beaches but thankfully we have individuals and organisations such as our local Litter Action team who help to tackle the problem.

I'm hoping that local residents will come together on Saturday to clean up our High Street or even think about organising their own clean up day in an area that is special to them."

For more information about how you can get involved in the High Street clean up or to find out how to set up your own event, contact Streetscene on Freephone 08000 198598 or email streetscene@gosport.gov.uk.

In addition, Rowner Litteraction will meet at 10am by the Green Dragon Pub on Rowner Road and the Friends of Stokes Bay will meet at 10am by the Splashpool.

17 MAR 2015


Local MP Caroline Dinenage met apprentices at Britten-Norman to mark the final day of National Apprenticeship Week on Friday.

Britten-Norman is the UK's only independent civil aircraft manufacturer and

Speaking after her visit, Caroline said: offers a wide range of aerospace apprenticeships, from airframe construction to avionics installation. During her visit to the company's site on the Daedalus Enterprise Zone Caroline heard from apprentices, Brad Tillett and Sam Dowers about their experiences of the training programme and their plans for the future.

"Britten-Norman does very impressive work at Daedalus and the young people enrolled on their apprenticeship scheme have an incredible opportunity to develop highly specialised skills which will be invaluable to future employers, be it Britten-Norman or others.

Apprenticeships are a really good alternative to traditional paths of further education and I am proud that there were 2,330 starts in the Gosport area in 2013/14. There is a huge range of companies offering these training schemes locally, many of which have been boosted by the new CEMAST skills centre at Daedalus."

Britten-Norman is now looking to take on eight new apprentices in September of this year. The deadline for applying is Friday 27th March.

National Apprenticeship Week takes place in March each year and celebrates the positive impact that apprenticeships have on individuals, businesses and the economy as a whole.

16 MAR 2015


Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage was delighted to visit the Gosport RNA last week to celebrate the Daring Club's 3rd Birthday.

Since its formation in 2012, the group, for adults with learning difficulties and their carers, has flourished and monthly meetings now attract over 100 people from across the local area. Founded by Mary Claridge and her grandson Ryan, the Club lays on lunch, karaoke, a disco and a range of other activities on two Monday's each month.

Speaking after the event, Caroline said:

"I always enjoy my visits to the Daring Club and am extremely proud of how much it has grown in the past three years. It is a greatly valued resource for adults with learning difficulties, giving them an opportunity to socialise and participate in fun activities.

One of the most popular features of the Club is its pop-up store selling inexpensive CDs and DVDs. If you have any unwanted CDs or DVDs, please take them to the RNA to help boost the Club's coffers!"

The Daring Club meets at the Royal Naval Association Club on Fareham Road, Gosport, and is open to all adults with learning disabilities.

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