23 FEB 2018


"With dyslexia affecting one in every ten people, we all have a part to play in giving everyone the support they need to thrive" Caroline Dinenage MP

Local MP Caroline Dinenage has committed to raise awareness by participating in the British Dyslexia Association's Cappuccino Challenge.

The challenge aims to raise awareness of dyslexia by talking to others over a cup of coffee. The BDA is concerned that dyslexia is poorly understood and many are keeping their difficulties to themselves.

Caroline met with Sue Malpas MBE, Vice President of the BDA to understand dyslexia better.

Commenting Caroline said; "It was great to meet up with Sue and to learn how to better understand the condition. Dyslexia is very common and we can all do our bit to support people we know become better at understanding it.

So please join me in taking part in the Cappuccino Challenge!"

22 FEB 2018


"Thanks to auto-enrolment 4000 more people in Gosport are now saving for their retirement" Caroline Dinenage MP

Caroline has welcomed new figures showing that, due to changes to workplace pensions, over 9 million more people are now saving for retirement.

These figures also show that 128, 250 more people in work in the South East are now saving for a life after work.

Auto-enrolment was introduced so that more workers can save for retirement, while our plan means that workers can afford these changes.

The latest research shows that workplace pensions have become the 'new normal', while small businesses found a pension scheme for their workers to be 'necessary' and 'sensible'.

Local MP Caroline said:

'By introducing automatic enrolment, we're transforming the way people save for retirement.

'That means more families can plan for the long-term with the security of a pension.

'For a whole generation, workplace pension saving is now the new normal, but there's more to do to help more people than ever before build an enjoyable and secure retirement.'

20 FEB 2018

Caroline Champions Consumer Rights!

"With 15% of Gosport families living in private rented accommodation people deserve to have swift, effective routes to complain and receive redress when things go wrong" Caroline Dinenage MP

Local MP, Caroline Dinenage, has today welcomed news that the Government is bringing forward proposals to strengthen consumer rights in the private rented sector.

The Government believes the current redress system is fragmented and does not provide for every eventuality tenants can find themselves in.

The proposals will be set out in a Green Paper later this year which include:

- Creating a single ombudsman

- Fill in existing gaps of redress

- Improving 'in-house' complaints

Commenting Caroline said; "These proposals are a very welcome step to improving redress for Gosport as well as UK tenants. I look forward to supporting these proposals when they come before Parliament."

12 FEB 2018


"By 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic than fish by weight: this shocking statistic has inspired me to pledge to #GiveUpPlasticForLent" Caroline Dinenage MP

Caroline is joining around 40 other Conservative MPs who have each agreed to take part in different challenges to reduce their own use of plastics during the 40 days in the run up to Easter and are encouraging others to join in. Caroline has promised to reduce her consumption of single use plastics. Others are promising to use a refillable coffee cup, give up plastic straws and avoid plastic cutlery.

The group also intend to be on the lookout for products which they consider are "overly packaged" and will encourage supermarkets and producers to reduce packaging.

Not all alternatives to plastics are necessarily friendlier to the environment, the MPs hope that those who take part in the #GiveUpPlasticForLent challenge they will also be able to increase understanding of the environmental benefits of different consumer choices.

Caroline said:

"14th February this year is both Valentine's Day and the start of Lent. So rather than giving up the chocolate, I'm going to show a bit of love for our planet by reducing my consumption of single use plastics

It will be very difficult to go plastic-free entirely but I'm just going to do the best I can and I hope this process will help me be better informed about both the practical challenges and environmental issues of replacing plastics with alternatives.

I am really pleased to be taking part in this challenge, and it would be fantastic to see the local community join in."

If you want to join Caroline in this challenge you can sign up or follow her progress and share tips at www.facebook.com/Groups/GiveUpPlasticForLent.

08 FEB 2018


Local MP, Caroline Dinenage, has declared her support for The Royal British Legion and Poppyscotland's 'Count Them In' campaign, which calls for the Armed Forces community to be included as a topic in the next Census.

It has been estimated that there are currently between 6.5 million and 6.7 million members of the Armed Forces community living in the UK, representing about a tenth of the population. However, little is currently known about the exact numbers, location and needs of this significant group. Inclusion of this topic in the next census would provide public bodies, local authorities, and charities with valuable information to ensure they are able to deliver the best services they can for our Armed Forces community.

Caroline met with representatives of The Royal British Legion and David, a veteran, to discuss the campaign in Parliament.

Caroline commented:

"Members of the Armed Forces community make huge sacrifices in the service of our country. I enjoyed meeting with David and staff from The Royal British Legion and hearing more about their Count Them In campaign.

I was very disappointed to learn that we currently know more about the UK's Jedi community than we do about our Armed Forces. It cannot be right that our Servicemen and women, veterans and their families are effectively hidden from official statistics, and that's why I'm backing the call for new questions to be added to the next UK Census. We count on them – let's count them in."

Charles Byrne, Director-General of The Royal British Legion, said:

"As a nation we promise to provide lifelong care and support for those who serve our country. By including the Armed Forces community in the 2021 Census, we can help public bodies and charities deliver the best services they can for our Armed Forces community, when and where it is needed most. We thank Caroline for adding her support to our campaign: together I'm confident that we can make the next census count for our Armed Forces community"

You can find out more about the campaign by visiting www.britishlegion.org.uk/census. You can also post your own pledge of support on social media using the #CountThemIn hashtag.

07 FEB 2018


The latest UCAS data shows that university application rates for 18-year-olds remain at record levels!

Local MP, Caroline Dinenage, has welcomed the news that in Gosport 25 per cent of 18-year-olds applied for university by January 2018, compared with 20 per cent in 2009.

The proportion of disadvantaged students applying for university is also at a record high, with 22.6 per cent of disadvantaged English 18-year-olds having applied to university courses by the UCAS deadline in January.

This follows statistics released last week which showed that a record proportion of state school pupils are going both to university, and to highly selective universities. 77 per cent of young entrants to Russell Group institutions in England were from state schools, and 90 per cent of young entrants to university more broadly came from state schools.

Commenting, Caroline said:

'This is really encouraging news that shows the work of this Government to ensure more young people have the opportunity to make the most of their talents is paying off.

I am pleased that 1 in 4 students from Gosport applied for university this year, compared to just 1 in 5 nine years ago.

No-one's opportunities in life should be determined by their background or circumstances. There is more to do, but with the proportion of disadvantaged 18-year-olds applying to university at record levels, we are making really important progress.'

To enable all young people to choose the route that is right for them, the Government is also investing in apprenticeships and technical qualifications, so all of our youngsters are able to get on in life.

To ensure university courses offer good value for money, the Government has announced a major review of student financing, frozen the tuition fee cap and raised the repayment threshold to £25,000, saving graduates up to £360 per year from this April.

05 FEB 2018


This week Caroline Dinenage MP and Gosport's female Conservative councillors and candidates got together to celebrate the centenary of Votes for Women and reflect on the work still to do to in the quest for gender equality.

Tuesday 6th February marks 100 years since the Representation of the People Act 1918 was passed, giving the first voting rights to women and extending the vote to men over 21.

A major series of significant exhibitions and events are taking place to enhance the understanding of the struggle for the vote and to celebrate the milestone. These events will take place across the country until December 2018.

Commenting on this historic milestone Caroline said:

"The progress we have made on these issues has not simply been given to us. It has been fought for every single step of the way.

Every woman in this country owes a massive debt of gratitude to those early suffrage campaigners, who did so much to advance the cause of women's rights. I'm so proud that 40% of Gosport Borough Councillors are women, it's much better than Parliament, with only 32% female MP's.

I was only the 310th woman to have ever been elected to Parliament, so there is still such a long way to go to achieve genuine equality, and not just in politics. There are still more FTSE 100 CEOs called David than women.

It's more important than ever to teach girls that no careers are off limits, there are no boundaries to what they can achieve. We need to talk about the issues that matter to us, to encourage more women to get politically engaged, and above all, in this, the centenary year, to go out and vote. That is, after all, the right that those early suffragettes fought for!"

The Conservatives have a proud record of promoting women in politics. The first woman to sit in the House of Commons was a Conservative, and they were the first party in the western world to elect a female Prime Minister. They are still the only political Party in the UK to have had one female PM, let alone two. Parliament is now made up of 32% female MP's.

For more information on the Representation of the People Act 1918 or events please visit https://www.parliament.uk/get-involved/vote-100/.

03 FEB 2018


This March, local MP, Caroline Dinenage, is joining an army of Litter Heroes up and down the country to clean up Great Britain and she is calling on local people to join in.

Last year the Great British Spring Clean campaign, led by Environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, saw more #LitterHeroes than ever collect a staggering 70,000 wheelie bins of rubbish over one weekend. More than 300,000 people got involved, cleaned up their local streets, parks and beaches, and had fun doing it.

This year, the campaign is back and Caroline wants even more people to get involved during the event which takes place on 2-4 March.

Commenting, Caroline said:

"Cleaning up litter costs the taxpayer a staggering £1bn every year so this March I will be joining thousands of other Litter Heroes to cleanse Great Britain!

Last year local clean ups took place in the Gosport area and I was happy to roll up my sleeves and join some of the teams working in our parks and beaches. Over 2500 clean up's took place across the UK, showing that people really got behind this initiative. This year, we want to do even better, this in important for everyone. Nothing destroys our local environment more than litter."

Keep Britain Tidy Chief Executive Allison Ogden-Newton said:

"Littering is a serious issue that blights the beautiful beaches, countryside and cities of the UK. It also has a devastating effect on our wildlife.

"The Great British Spring Clean is an opportunity for everyone who cares about the rubbish scarring our country and threatening our seas to take a stand."

Individuals, groups, families, schools, businesses and clubs can all sign up and make a difference. Register at www.keepbritaintidy.org/gbspringclean and let's clean up our country.

02 FEB 2018


Every single year in the UK 600 young people die from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Approximately 270 of these deaths occur in school.

The Oliver King Foundation was set up in 2012 following the death of 12-year-old Oliver from a sudden cardiac arrest whilst at school. If a defibrillator had been available on that day, it could have saved Oliver's life.

Early access to a defibrillator is vital. For every minute that passes following a cardiac arrest, chances of survival drop by 10%. Studies have shown that access to a defibrillator can increase survival rates by a massive 75%.

Caroline Dinenage MP said:

"It was inspiring to meet Mark, Oliver's Dad, who has turned this great personal tragedy into an opportunity to save lives. The Foundation estimate 19 lives have already been saved by defibrillators they have personally placed around the UK. I've written to all the schools in the Gosport Constituency encouraging them to get involved."

Mark King, father of 12-year-old Oliver said:

"For the last six years, I've driven across the country personally delivering 2,000 defibrillators. The Foundation has provided first aid training to over 22,000 people. I miss my son every day, I'm determined that no other family has to suffer the same loss. I won't rest until every school has access to a defibrillator by the time, Oliver would have been 21, in 2020.

For more information about Defibrillator's please contact The Oliver King Foundation on 0151 728 3470 or email campaigns@theoliverkingfoundation.co.uk

31 JAN 2018


Local MP, Caroline Dinenage, has welcomed news that 99.6 per cent of premises in Gosport now benefit from superfast broadband.

This has been delivered as part of the Government's manifesto commitment to extending superfast broadband to 95 per cent of UK premises by the end of 2017. Data released today confirms this ambitious target has been met. More than 19 out of every 20 UK homes and businesses now have the opportunity to upgrade their internet connections to superfast speeds of 24 Mbps or faster.

Over the last five years, the Government's rollout of superfast broadband has made superfast speeds a reality for more than 4.5 million homes and businesses who would otherwise have missed out. As well as delivering everyday benefits to families, such as easy access to information and convenient ways of staying in touch, better broadband also equips businesses with the digital infrastructure they need to expand and compete in today's digital age.

Commenting, Caroline said:

'Access to superfast broadband is great news for families and businesses in Gosport. Because of the actions of this government almost every family and business in the UK can now get a quicker internet connection – meaning we can all use the internet faster and more easily, whether that means businesses reaching new customers, or parents doing the weekly shop.

There is more to do, but each week we are reaching thousands more premises, and data released today underlines the important progress we have already made. By investing in the things that improve people's day to day lives we will build a Britain that is fit for the future'.

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