18 JUN 2018


"Our NHS is precious and helps us at our times of need. The funding announcement will ensure we continue to receive the very best care anywhere in the world." Caroline Dinenage MP

Local MP, Caroline Dinenage, has welcomed the Prime Minister's announcement that the NHS will receive significant new investment over the next five years.

This weekend it was announced that the NHS will receive an extra £20 billion in real terms by 2023/23. This equates to £600 million per week in cash terms.

The additional funding forms part of an ambitious 10 year plan to utilise technology, integrate social care and reduce waste.

Commenting Caroline said: "As we face huge challenges of an ageing society it is clear there is nothing more precious to the British people than the Health Service and it is right that we redirect our money to it.

Thanks to the Conservatives keeping our deficit low, we can now invest in our public services. This will build on previous commitments such as training more doctors and midwives, and the investment in theatre capacity at the QA Hospital.

The NHS is safe in our hands."

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