27 JUL 2017


On Monday 23 January, Fareham Borough Council's planning committee met to make a decision on National Grid's IFA2 planning application. After a 4 hour meeting and much discussion, Fareham Borough Council voted 7-2 in favour of National Grid's application to build an electricity interconnector at Daedalus airfield.

The Residents' Associations of Peel Common, Lee on the Solent and Hill Head then applied for the Secretary of State to revoke the planning permission granted to National Grid plc for IFA2 with Caroline as a signatory.

Following a meeting with Department for Communities and Local Government Ministers a couple of weeks ago to lobby for the revocation application, on Wednesday 26 July, Caroline was informed that the permission would not be revoked. You can view a copy of the response here.

Caroline remains concerned about the potential implications of the interconnector for aircraft operations and businesses on the Enterprise Zone.

For more information about the actions Caroline has taken since IFA2 was first discussed please click here.

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