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April 2017 (02 May 2017)

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March 2017 (31 Mar 2017)

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February 2017 (01 Mar 2017)

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January 2017 (01 Feb 2017)

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December 2016 (22 Dec 2016)

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November 2016 (02 Dec 2016)

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October 2016 (01 Nov 2016)

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September 2016 (04 Oct 2016)

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August 2016 (02 Sep 2016)

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July 2016 (02 Aug 2016)

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This website was created when I was MP for the Gosport constituency from May 2010 until Wednesday 3 May 2017. I have now ceased to be an MP, as Parliament has been dissolved for the General Election on 8 June 2017 when a new Parliament is elected.